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Lightweight utility to monitor computers login events

Satheeshsoft - February 21, 2020
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Price: $4.00
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Want to always know who is using your computer? loginTimer is a simple application to monitor and record all successful login attempts made to the computer. It monitors logins from your user account as well as from other user accounts.

Application is portable, meaning it does not have to be installed. There is one thing though, the application cannot be located in folders belonging to operating system, such as user's desktop folder and similar. It is best to put it in some secret folder, preferably inside multiple folders.

User needs to have administrative privileges in order to be able to run the app. Once the app has been executed, it creates a .txt log file with information about its activation. This log file is stored in the same folder as the application, and separate log files are created for each user.

New line is created in log file for each login, showing users login time, name, as well as some other information like login behavior. One thing worth mentioning here is also that login recordings are not made in case the computer has been put to sleep.

In conclusion, loginTimer can be useful to businesses and other institutions, where more people are logging to the same computer. One such example would be many people logging to remote server. This way the owners can keep track of exactly when anyone is using the computer.

• Portable and lightweight
• Easy to use, with no difficult settings
• Can record all user accounts
• No tweaking is possible due to the programs lightweight nature
• Licensed version has to be obtained in order to use the software after the 30-day trial period


Limitations in the unregistered version

• 30-day trial

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